Left Handed

Occasionally I am able to obtain either left handed kamisori or kamisori which have a Western grind meaning they can be used either left or right handed or indeed both.


From July 2017 I shall be selling my own hand made 'use either hand' kamisori.  Please scroll down for more detail.   

Sold:  Symmetrical grind kamisori in good condition:  I do not come across these very often and now have 3.  They are symetrical grind so can be used in either hand.  Heavy well made construction.   Price is for 1. 

Sold:  Symetrical grind shave-ready kamisori with plastic tortoiseshell effect handle.  Can be used either left or right handed.  Some pitting but no detrimental impact to the edge. 

Coming soon.  My hand made 'use either hand' kamisori with between 47mm and 50mm edge (see approx dimensions below).  Made with W1.2436 high carbon / high chrome steel with excellent wear resistance and cutting edge OR Hitachi Yasuki Laminated White Paper Steel No2.  Hand made, heat treated and hand sharpened by myself.  Each will be unique.  Anticipated boxed, shave-ready price between £80 and £100 with £8 P&P.   

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