'Assorted' Kamisori for sale

In here you will find good brands but those that are lesser known than, for example, Iwasaki and Henkotsu.  Razors are organised by price (low to high).  At present I have Tamahagane kamisori and kamisori in scales in stock.  More stock to be uploaded imminently.  


Standard £5 delivery charge per razor anywhere in the world


FREE OF CHARGE when ordered at time of purchase; Natural rattan wrapping in traditional criss-cross Japanese style over red felt.  At time of buying a kamisori send me an email to notify me that you would like this added, thank you. 

Sold:  shave ready kamisori with newly applied rattan over red felt handle. 

Shave-Ready Yasuki Steel Kamisori
45.00 GBP

Shave-Ready Yasuki Steel Kamisori with a lovely edge

19 MAR 2019
Yasuki steel Shave-ready kamisori
45.00 GBP

Yasuki steel shave-ready kamisori with a lovely edge.

30 MAR 2019 box
Shave-Ready Kamisori with Azuma handle
45.00 GBP

Shave-Ready Kamisori with Azuma handle and a lovely edge.

17 MAR 2019
New Azuma Yasuki Steel Shave-Ready Kamisori
45.00 GBP

New Azuma Yasuki Steel Shave-Ready Kamisori

18 MAR 2019

Sold:  Kamisori in scales. One black side of scales and one ivory coloured. Shave ready. 

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