New & NOS kamisori

I stock a number of reasonably priced brand new and boxed kamisori as can be seen below.  They arrive with me 'factory sharp' which is not shave-ready.  I hone each on arrival to ensure they are shave-ready.   


HANDMADE KAMISORI UPDATE:  I have now been making kamisori for ~2 years using various tool steels.  I have now settled on using none of these and instead favour Japanese Shiro Suminagashi steel with a 2mm thick Shiro white carbon steel core.  It looks beautiful when etched and holds an incredible edge.  I am shaving with one currently while testing it but will be making some for sale during Q1 2019. It has taken a great deal longer to get to the point at which I feel confident in my product and for this delay I apologise.  However, making a kamisori razor which is truly shave-ready is a long and detailed process.  I expect the price that I sell these for will be in the order of £150.00. 


Below are a couple of pictures of early examples, including mistakes!

Incredibly sharp but unforgiving heel & toe
What happens when you use too large a wheel
Japanese Shiro Suminigashi kamisori

FREE OF CHARGE when ordered at time of purchase; Natural rattan wrapping in traditional criss-cross Japanese style over red felt.  At time of buying a kamisori send me an email to notify me that you would like this added, thank you. 

Sold:  New hand Crafted 'either hand' shave-ready Kamisori hand forged and crafted by me at my forge in Cornwall.  Tool steel.  More a Western grind so can be used in either hand.  Lovely handle so able to get a good grip. 

Sold:  Hand-forged and ground tool steel shave-ready kamisori.  More bias towards a left handed user but comfortable in either hand.  Long handle and really nice balance.  Hand forged and ground at my Cornish forge. 

Sold:  New Old Stock Henkotsu Kamisori, shave-ready with all original packaging  

Sold:  Shave-Ready boxed with all packaging NOS Henkotsu Kamisori.  

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