Testimonials and some sold examples

Please see below some images showing a variety of razors which I restored and sold. 

Customer Testimonials

  • First shave today with the new NOS razor it was fantastic :-) the razor is sharp as hell and gave a very close shave. Well done
    I received the razor. It's superb, nicely balanced, easy to strop and looks fantastic.
    Your japanese razors are the best on the web, be sure
  • I received the razor , it is beautiful.
  • Thanks, it arrived the other day,2/11/2015, it is sharp. Nice work
  • Shaves great! 
  • I received the razor this past Thursday. Sure seems like it got here fast. It looks great and shaves well. Thanks for the excellent service.
  • Last week I received both kamisoris, and they are really great shavers
  • Thank you so much for this really helpful advice, I must say that with the purchases from you and Rob it has rekindled my belief there are good and decent people out there who take a real pride in what they sell and I really do thank you for this, something which is all too often missing these days
  • I can't tell you how happy I am with the kamisori! It's  now actually a pleasure to shave! 
  • I've had a few razors from eBay and brand new which purported to be shave ready.  They rarely were to my liking and I took them to my trusty coticule.  Yours is the first razor that I've been really impressed with! You've done such a fantastic job of honing this razor.  You've taken the edge beyond what I've been capable of. It's so wonderfully smooth whilst maintaining the sharpness. Superb.
  • Thought I would let you know that I got my razor Thursday. SWEET! Thanks for a great transaction.
  • I tried to shave with it today, I say tried because it is quite different to handle than with the western straight razors, and I have to say you prepared the cutting edge perfectly. 
  • Just to say thank you the razor it arrived today and have just taken it out for a spin. Wow now that is a razor !!
  • brilliant item lovely condition
  • I received the kamisori razor today, thank you the service is great, the delivery very quick and the kamisori beautiful, as described.
  • ottimo venditore
  • Great item. Positivly awesome
  • Great razors and trusted
  • I'm now selling all my western razors to use only japanese...
  • Excellent. Item as described. Extremely quick delivery. Next day. Thank you
  • Item turned up earlier than estimated and shave ready on arrival. Great service
  • Since I am very pleased with my razor I bought from you, I would like to order an other Japanese straight from you.
  • The knife was delivered today & is superb.
    ​​brilliant item lovely condition
  • It's good to see how much you care about the quality of your product and that your customers are satisfied
    Just got the razor, it is amazing, thank you very much.
  • Just to let you know, the razors arrived yesterday in good order. Thank you!
  • The 'giant' really is a heavy cleaver but, with your finger in the finger groove, it is perfectly balanced.
  • t's here! Thanks so much for you efforts!
    I absolutely love it tough real understanding of what is good or what is not so good comes later!
  • The Henckels is lovely
  • “ Having used straight razors for 5 years, I thought ‘It doesn’t get better than this!”.   TODAY IT DID!!  The postie arrived with my Henkotsu Kamisori!  Not knowing what to expect I eagerly opened the parcel...  It was a pleasant surprise to find a really nice presentation box, and when I opened that....WOW!!!  This razor is a thing of beauty (a picture couldn’t really do it justice!), and the gorgeous rattan wrap was the icing on the cake (thank you Tony)!  It honestly seemed like a piece of Traditional Japanese artwork/craftsmanship than a functional shaving instrument!  I have to admit, I was a bit anxious (OK...quite scared!) of using a kamisori for the first time, but had to bite the bullet!  I gave Shiina (I’ve already named her....after my favourite Japanese singer..OK...I’m ‘sad’) a quick strop and gingerly proceeded to lather up and start the shave.  A few tentative strokes later I found myself actually grinning (and gaining confidence by the second).  Soooo easy to use...goes exactly where you want it, gives great feedback and as long as you give her the respect she deserves, is a ABSOLUTE  joy to use!! 1000% Happy!!  I have to add that Tony is a great, friendly, honest seller...he REALLY knows his stuff and is an absolute gent to do business with!!!




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