Razor sharpening service

I offer a razor sharpening service for kamisori and straight razors whether purchased from myself or not.  I follow the same process as that which is outlined in restore and sharpen page and in the whole use natural Japanese stones wherever possible.  In the event that the kamisori requires a slight re-grind, I do so with the use of traditional Japanese Barber Ski Sen which shaves a slight hollow..very effective and in keeping with the tradition.  If you are interested in this please see below.  Prices quoted are inclusive of postage & packaging. 


Rattan Handle Service 

I also offer a rattan wrap handle over red felt service for razors sent to me for this.  I have two prices, one for UK and one for all other regions of the world.  The process is simple.  Once you buy the service, I will contact you care of PayPal and provide you with my address.  Prices shown are inclusive of P&P. 

Non-UK based request
19.00 GBP

Choose this option for rattan wrap over red felt if you are a non-UK resident.

UK-based request
15.00 GBP

Choose this option if you are UK-based

Kamisori Re-hollow 

If you have a particularly worn out Kamisori which has in essence been 'honed out' i.e. it's totally flat meaning you are no longer able to keep it sharp then through the use of a traditional tool called a ski-sen, I can add a slight hollow and get it sharp again...or grind in a new hollow. 

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Contact us

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, the easiest method is to use the simple form on the 'contact us' page, or call/email: 


Tel: +44 (0) 7502 292 224 




We are located in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom and Bude, Cornwall.