How to shave with a Kamisori Razor

Shaving with a Kamisori is, at first scary and then you begin to love it.  I favor using these now over Western straights as it is so much easier to see what you are doing, even though you should ideally use only one hand to shave both sides of the face.  Now, I could write five pages here on how to perform a shave but I learnt initially through YouTube and then through practice.  I therefore offer the following advice only on this topic:


1.)  Check out YouTube for 'Kamisori shave' and from this you will learn the basics


2.)  Shave daily when possible and, after the intial and I must say inevitible first '30+ minute shave', you will improve in terms of speed and closeness of shave.  I can now prep, shave and clean up in less than 6 minutes which is similar to how long it took me when I used disposables.  


3.)  Be really careful (for those of you who have used straight razors/kamisori before I apologise it this seems patronising):


     - Do not shave when naked - always wrap a towel around your waist - the reason for this should be obvious!


     -  Do not shave in the shower - again, for the reason above


     - In the event that you should drop it, just get out of the way, even it means you see your treasured kamisori dissappear down the lavatory - I say this with a smile on my face but, having dropped one of these before, I speak from experience.  



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