Kamisori Sizing

Kamisori (Wa-Kamisori) is simply the Japanese name for razor and is the Japanese version of the traditional Western straight razor. They come in varying sizes, usually from 40mm blade length up to 60mm blade length though to try and label each in to an individual category is a fruitless exercise as each foundry/maker had their own interpretation of sizing. I choose to provide you quite simply with the measurements as clearly illustrated in the photographs, and then you decide which best fits your requirements:


You can use any length of blade for shaving, as in my experience it makes little if any difference to the end results. What matters is that the blade is sharp and I get these to a level of sharpness, which is truly amazing, following a traditional Japanese process which I have outlined in the ‘Restore and Sharpen’ section.


Unless otherwise stated, the Kamisori are for right handed use.  If you would like more informtion on this please do contact me. 

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