Custom hand-made Kiridashi, Kogatana

I have began making my own kiridashi (AKA Kogatana) which are made entirely from 01 tool steel.  Rough ground, then hardened to Rockwell c~60/61 at 800c, oil quenched, tempered and then final grinding.  Each will then be hand sharpened, wrapped in anti-corrosion paper and boxed.  


Some High Level information:


Each will be custom hand made by me, hand sharpened on whetstones.  Each will be unique.    


Typical Usage:  Marking knife, scalpel, Bonsai tree maintenance, wood working, general craft work, general cutting.


Grind:  right-handed single grind or dual grind.  Left available upon request


P&P:  £8.00 anywhere in the world

Kiridashi / Marking Knife
30.00 GBP

Thick Kiridashi / Marking Knife (approx 5mm to 6mm) with sweeping blade, slight forged-in raise at tip. 01 tool steel, stamped with my makers mark. Forged and ground at my Cornish forge.

08 OCT 2018

Sold:  Single Bevel Kiridashi, hand made, hand forged in 01 tool steel.  Flat grind over slight hollow grind. 10 jul 2018 

Sold:  single bevel kiridashi hand forged and crafted by me at my forge in Cornwall. 

Sold: Dual Bevel Kiridashi-style Knife.  Not single bevel.  Hand forged, hand crafted by me at my forge in Cornwall with rattan wrap.  Flat grind over slight hollow grind. 

Sold:  Dual Bevel Kiridashi Hitachi Yasuki Laminated white paper steel no 2  1mm Hitachi Shiro Gami White paper steel core with 1.25mm unalloyed iron cheeks laminated on either side.  Hand forged, hand crafted by me at my forge in Cornwall. Flat grind over slight hollow grind. 

Sold on 1st April 2019. 29 dec 2016 item code

Hand made Kiridashi 3
23.00 GBP

Hand made 4mm thick kiridashi, razor sharp and unique. Nice and heavy. Slight hollow grind on edge - extremely sharp. Heat-treated to a hardness of c~Rockwell 60/61.

30 DEC 2016


Sold:  Large 6mm kiridashi.  Orca design - lovely looking, feels great in the hand and very sharp.  Excellent craft knife and very hard.  Unique

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