'Shaving with disposable razors 22 times more expensive than shaving with a straight razor'


Welcome to the Japanese Kamisori-Razor website. This site provides you with distilled useful background information on Kamisori Japanese razor and  straight razors, and provides you with  the opportunity to buy direct from myself, vintage, restored and  shave ready Kamisori Japanese razor and  straight razors, of varying sizes and prices.  All razors will be boxed, in a presentation case.  All the razors I sell are provided shave-ready, hanging hair sharp, having been restored and sharpened by myself.  If you should ever wish for a non-shave ready kamisori, using the contact form, please let me know what you are looking for and if I have one I will respond with pictures and a price. 


If your'e new to Kamisori you will discover that you can read all sorts about the origin of these and the do's and don'ts associated to their upkeep.  What I have done in this site is add some useful information to aid you in making the decision to either buy your first, feed your habit to acquire more or just provide food for thought.  What I have tried not to do is be drawn in to the myth surrounding their use as in my experience, these are just as easy to use, easier to use in fact, than a Western straight razor.


I also restore, sharpen and sell Japanese craft tools including authentic Kiridashi.


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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, the easiest method is to use the simple form on the 'contact us' page, or call/email: 


Tel: +44 (0) 7502 292 224 




We are located in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom and Bude, Cornwall.