I am in the process of building a stock of excellent quality Japanese kitchen knives.  I have restored the knives in the same manner as I would do a kamisori and ultimately obtain an extremely sharp and smooth edge, which I achieve through the use of the stones.  


When choosing the knives I always opt for high quality, though often in need of a lot of restoration work.  In my mind, these old knives are of a quality you just don't see any more.  More stock will be added over the coming weeks. 

Sold:  £120.00  Extremely large and heavy Deba kitchen knife. The blade ridge is 1cm thick.  Comes with carved wooden blade cover, this really is a beautiful knife and one I have used myself.  Razor sharp.  £12 worldwide shipping. 

SOLD:  Extremely heavy Deba kitchen knife. The blade ridge is 1cm thick. Extremely high quality and in excellent order. Razor sharp.  £12 worldwide shipping.  

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